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OTT platform trying to understand the non english content viewing

  • Service Category:Marketing Analytics
  • Vertical:Media
  • Region:India
/ 01


To track, measure app and website content viewing habits in a unified board.


  • Unification of analytics from multiple digital assets like app and website The brand was present on multiple digital platforms, gaining a comprehensive view of all assets became a challenging task and struggled to bring out a unified view of the same.


  • Unified view for all digital consumer touch points.

icogz unified analytics from multiple platforms across paid, owned and earned mediums and helped the brand to understand the strengths and weaknesses in real time – both at an aggregated level and down to individual digital platforms


  • Automate data collections from different sources . Analytics from apps, websites on multiple social platforms and viewing habits analytics.

/ 02



  • Data is obtained through deep API integrations into all channels the OTT platform was present on for a unified view

Time to report reduced from once per week to real time. Analytics from multiple platforms are reported on a single dashboard with viewing habits from different regions and age cohorts .

/ 03


Integrations across different platforms and tools are done to understand interplay and derive sharp insights.

Our data models show that we have a 100% response rate.

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