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Transforming Data
into Actionable Insights

Unlock the power of your data with icogz - a team of skilled business analysts, marketers, engineers, data scientists, and designers. We believe that the best insights come from collaboration - that's why we've brought together a team of experts who work seamlessly together to help you unleash the power of your data.

Our team of experts brings a diverse range of skills to the table, from data analysis and market research to cutting-edge technology and design thinking. With over 150 years of combined experience, our team has helped businesses across industries, From Fortune 500 to startups, achieve their goals through data-driven insights.

Our Team

Portrait image of Amit Tripathi, founder & CEO at icogz

Amit Tripathi

Founder & CEO

Amit Tripathi is a seasoned entrepreneur in the digital space with over two decades of experience. icogz is his brainchild which he began bringing to life five years ago with a vision of helping brands solve business challenges using data. He leads Business Vision & Growth for icogz.

Portrait image of Meenakshi Menon, Chairperson at icogz

Meenakshi Menon


Meenakshi Menon is an expert in marketing audit, advisory, and analytics. She founded Spatial Access, now a Deloitte Business, and has helped hundreds of brands shape their marketing strategies. With her prowess, she has become one of India's finest minds in marketing. She is a mentor at icogz, guiding the business direction and product enrichment journey.

Portrait image of Vrutika Dawda, Director at icogz

Vrutika Dawda


Vrutika Dawda brings over two decades of experience in setting up Business Processes, Legal & Compliance requirements, Commercial & Corporate Finance. As a Director in icogz, she leads the Business & Finance Operations overseeing Corporate Structuring & Commercial Sustainability.

Portrait image of Bicky Carlra, Partner at icogz

Bicky Carlra


Bicky Carlra, an accomplished business leader, was part of the founding team at Emirates Airlines. He steered TUI GmBH Corporate travel business to global growth & an exit and drove Ominto - a global cashback business to a Nasdaq listing. With a wealth of knowledge in business partnerships and growth strategies, he heads business partnerships & geo-growth for icogz based in Dubai.

Portrait image of Shahan Degamwala, Chief product officer at icogz

Shahan Degamwala

Chief Product Officer

Shahan Degamwala is an expert in data science and marketing. With a proven track record, he spearheads development, launch and enhancement of icogz. His passion is to use data to help businesses make better decisions. He also promotes user-centered design, believing it is essential for creating products that are simple to use and comprehend.

Portrait image of Roch D’souza, Partner at icogz

Roch D’souza


Roch Dsouza is an adept retail professional with a proven track record of over two decades in pulling off marketing plans and driving sales growth. He has led marketing roles across varied retail formats from food, fashion, home and electronics. At icogz, he advises the product team on rolling out Retail Intelligence, a revolutionary solution to provide actionable business insights into the retail industry.

Portrait image of Dr. Bhaskar Das, Advisor & Consultant at icogz

Dr. Bhaskar Das

Advisor & Consultant

Dr. Bhaskar Das is an industry professional who specializes in identifying and solving challenging business problems. Dr. Das is a recognized and certified coach, and a speaker with over 800 hours of addressing industry forums and reputed B-Schools. He mentors the team at icogz to create industry use cases & product fit to solve complex business challenges.

Portrait image of Rohan Noronha, Chief Revenue Officer at icogz

Rohan Noronha

Chief Revenue Officer

Rohan Noronha has over two decades of experience across media, brands, agencies, social media, and digital networks, he has been an integral part of successful growth stories. His expertise in developing and executing strategies for brands makes him a perfect fit to lead the revenue function at icogz.

Ritesh Singh

CEO - Canada

Ritesh Singh is a digital transformation leader with experience spanning over 2 decades, of which the last decade has been in an entrepreneurial journey.  He has led global teams and has been instrumental in growing brands across various geographies & sectors. He leads the icogz Canada business and partnerships to drive the company’s expansion in the geography.

Ranveer Mandelia

CEO - Southeast Asia

Ranveer comes with 16+ years of corporate experience across India, Malaysia and Singapore. He has a proven track record of building and scaling businesses, including single-handedly growing a business vertical for a leading BPO and subsequently transacting a deal with the Singapore government. At icogz, he is responsible for taking the business to the South East Asia market and helping businesses generate insights from their data.
Portrait image of Manthan Shah, AVP Technology at icogz

Manthan Shah

AVP - Technology

Manthan Shah heads the technology division at icogz and is a pro at developing highly effective and scalable web applications. He's worked across a range of industries, such as digital agencies, fashion, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce. His expertise lies in open-source technologies, security, and web app development. He also holds a certification in ethical hacking.

Portrait image of Sulina Menon, Consultant at icogz

Sulina Menon


Sulina Menon has been in the media industry for 37 years and counting. She started her journey with analog media, she has upskilled and adapted to pioneer brand solutions. This experience and her growth mindset have enabled her to help many businesses grow, and she has held C-suite positions in agencies, traditional broadcasters, brands, and digital publishers. She is a constant learner, taking up new challenges every day.

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