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What is your brand's BMI?

Icogz Brand Mindspace competition measurement

How good is your brand's story telling?

Is it being accepted and comprehended by your target audiences? How do you measure your ability to attract consumers? Engage with consumers? Is your competitor getting better results?

What if all your questions could be answered by a single powerful tool?

  1. A proprietary framework to measure current strategies
  2. Benchmark and measure competition
  3. Identify areas for improvement
  4. Credible and robust competitor insights

Welcome to Brand Mindspace (BMI)

What is Brand Mindspace?

  1. A continuously evolving process of tracking, measuring and learning
  2. An expansive consumer connect ecosystem across Digital, Social, Content and Hyperlocal discovery platforms
  3. Insights on Demand through AI & ML and big data analytics

Why do a BMI for your brand?

  1. Better consumer understanding and improved customer satisfaction
  2. Greater cost efficiency
  3. Improved business agility
  4. Faster decision making

Get to it! Measure your Brand BMI

Graphical presentation of social & digital footprint of brand mindspace

Harness the influence from your social & digital footprint

  1. Leverage Social Proof - Protect your positive reviews from negative reviews
  2. Monitor Sentiment - Track customer sentiment and what do they think about you and/ or your competition
  3. Streamline Your Online Presence - Ensure that your social and digital assets deliver on stated goals
  4. Improve Customer Engagement - Measure your strategy to improve on positive sentiment, credibility and trust
GIF image of Conversational Intelligence Icogz Brand Mindspace

Conversational Intelligence

  1. Inform your Marketing Strategies and improve customer engagement by leveraging intelligence from customer preferences, opinions, experiences and changing consumer behaviour.
  2. Track emerging Market Trends.
  3. Gain insights into Competitor strategy, strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Assess overall Brand Reputation.
GIF showing business agility improvement through Icogz Brand Mindspace

Improving business agility

  1. Response Flexibility towards changing market trends, consumer behaviour. Adapt marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve and competition.
  2. Efficient Decision Making - improve business outcomes by measuring the influence of outreach strategies.
  3. Enhance Customer Engagement - Measure and act on customer engagement strategies to better under customer needs and preferences.
  4. Improved Brand Reputation - Track customer actions that are impacting brand reputation.
  5. Product Development - Made adjustments and improvement to product based on customer feedback
Image showing mission of Icogz through Brand Mindspace index

Our Mission

We aim to offer brands a consistent flow of insights and trends regarding how they are perceived by the world and their competitors. This will enable brand owners and managers to make informed decisions about their brand journey.


Brands tracked


Months of archive data


Platforms monitored

Brand Mindspace Index is backed by icogz, which with it's deep AI Tech and capabilities to analyze and harmonize disparate sources, helps brands analyze insights from massive data models.

Our data models show that we have a 100% response rate.

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