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Social media audit for a stock broking house

  • Service Category:Marketing Analytics
  • Vertical:BFSI
  • Region:India
/ 01


Understanding social media platforms and how consumers interact with the brand with different social media assets.


  • The brand posted content across all social media platforms and was trying to understand it's impact.
  • Multiple media assets like image, video and text were used on different platforms, understanding impact of the media types were a challenge.

Understanding the types of content pieces used and the tonality in the communication for various topics.


  • Real time performance data for all posts.
  • Engagements and interactions across different platforms and media types.

Real time data gathering of a asset from multiple platforms in a single view helped in fast and data led decision making.


  • Automated data collation from different sources.
  • Processed analytics data for each platform.

Improved campaign optimization process with additional insights coming through cross platform analytics.

/ 02


A dashboard with performance metrics of engagements and interactions from all platforms.


  • Data was obtained through API integrations from all channels the brand was using, including competition to understand the efficacy of the posts.


  • Insights from the posts of different media types across platforms and it's impact on engagements.

/ 03


Integrations across different platforms and tools are done to understand interplay and derive sharp insights.

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