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Team struggled with incorrect implementation of Google analytics and review management.

  • Service Category:Marketing Analytics
  • Vertical:General Insurance
  • Region:India
/ 01


The way to harmonise data updates and reports with timely audits for correct outputs


  • Ongoing website updates led to incorrect data reporting in Google Analytics.
  • Multiple Google Business Profile locations led to fragmented reporting.

New website pages/content was added on continuous basis where link structure was not correctly followed No single tool to view all location reviews data, delayed response management and inaccurate location information on public platforms.


  • AI based links checking and highlighting pages with broken/incorrect link structure.
  • Unified dashboard with all Google Business Profile locations listed.

Automated checklist for all new content going up on website Profile listings with all business listing’s public information.


  • Accurate reporting in analytics tool.
  • Simplified business locations listings information.

Better customer content consumption experience Monitor locations data at country, zonal, state, city or single branch levels.

/ 02


icogz selected to optimise digital marketing analytics , Plomotion selected to manage branch digital presence, icogz AI bot delivers powerful insights within weeks, while Plomotion tracks branch reviews.


  • AI bot, Aryabot quickly identified major errors in Google Analytics tracking introduced by website updates.
  • Fast reporting meant the errors could be fixed, avoiding significant data loss.


  • Top 20 branches Google Maps and reviews on Google and FB were managed through Plomotion tool.
  • Marketing team could immediately respond to reviews, update photos and ensure consistent location and contact details.


  • On boarding team helped to connect icogz and complete team training within 7 working days.
  • First AI insights delivered in the following week.

/ 03


Integrations across different platforms and tools are done to understand interplay and derive sharp insights.

Our data models show that we have a 100% response rate.

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