Powering the

(R)etail (R)evolution

Marry Omni Channel Business data and gain insights into business
decisions across Online & Offline touchpoints.

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Information when turned to intelligence, positively impacts retail business decisions.

Consumer insights

Evaluate consumer buying patterns that aid quicker and efficient decision making.

  • Insights on customer behaviour based on Purchase / Engagement behaviour
  • Understand Product / SKU Movements based on Customer behaviour
  • Identify trends on Product Mix based on Customer Intent (in-store / online / Marketplaces)
Consumer insights

Store health

Score your Stores on Factors that influence Brand dominance

  • Proprietary Scoring Matrix for Store Performance based on Business Plans
  • Identify Factors affecting store performance on a real-time basis
  • Compare Newly Launched store performance to Company benchmarks and identify areas of improvement to reduce the time taken to profitability
Store health

iforesee (Category foresight)

Identifying signals before they become a trend

  • Early view of emerging trends based on factors such as social media, searches and sales.
  • Insights on trends across various segments such as categories, materials, designs, colours, features, among others.
  • Competitor pricing and stocking insights
  • Position of a trend in its adoption curve


Optimizing your Revenue Potential using icogz Sellthru View

  • Market data layered intelligently onto your sales data
  • Product lines identified as laggards and stars using brand-specific customised machine learning algorithms
  • Timely interventions to aid in saving capital, cost, and inventory space
  • Automated Sellthru process for efficiency

Data-led assortment planning

Understanding gaps in your product assortment across multiple categories.

  • Insights on product assortment based on buying patterns, product demand elasticities, pricing bands, among other aspects
  • Best suited product lines for business growth across channels
  • Product expansion opportunities based on market comparisons
Data-led assortment planning

Location Intelligence

Unifying the Voice of the Customer (VOC) online and offline touchpoints

  • Category segmentation and sentiment analysis delivered through advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Insights on reviews received to understand problem areas and strengths both at national and store level
  • Impact of reviews on the customer funnel starting from footfalls to sales
Location Intelligence

Enabling business foresight

Data-led retail

Customer behaviour



Unified view
of data