Actionable intelligence

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Acquire insights on all your paid, owned and earned digital assets through one unified view.

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Acquire insights on all your paid, owned and earned digital assets through one unified view.

Performance Marketing

Gain insights on marketing campaigns

  • One Unified view for all your performance campaigns
  • Easy tracking of important campaign metrics
  • Optimise RoAS across platforms
  • Audience mapping for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Integrated with 100+ platform APIs, including natives and affiliates
  • Normalise the measurement metrics from disparate sources
Performance Marketing

Social Media

Get a holistic understanding of your content and campaigns across multiple social platforms.

  • One view visibility of your important social media KPIs
  • Understand your audience’s engagement behaviour across platforms
  • Identify the right messaging which resonates with your audience
  • API integrated for all major social media platforms
  • Measure impact of Organic & Boosted reach across platforms
  • Benchmark against key competitors across platforms

Video Content

Videos are the language of the web, icogz helps understand the impact of your content across individual as well as group platforms

  • Understand which content resonates with your audience
  • Measure impact of a single video across different platforms
  • Slice and Diced view of your content across platforms
  • Understand trends that are shaping your audience’s engagement behaviour
  • Analyse the impact of Content on your brand influence
  • View your brand content journey in one unified view
  • Compare content hashtag engagement across competitors
Video Content

Website and Mobile Application

Understand the behaviour traits of visitors on your website and application to help drive growth

  • Understand traffic trends and productivity
  • Understand the intricacies of customer behaviour
  • Get in depth product analytics
  • Discover your most engaging pages
  • Identify and act on friction points across the funnel
  • Filter audience behaviour by custom segments such as Content, Product Categories, Channel and many more
Website and Mobile Application

Cloud CRM

Build better relationships with your customers to drive higher revenue and better retention

  • icogz CRM for impact assessment and Sales Force Management
  • Integration of Customer Data (Information & Transaction History) from all channels and Sales Force on a single platform
  • Lead journey mapping, brand Interactions across touchpoints, status at the last interaction and marketing Automation
  • Automate tasks to help team focus on closing business deals and not on mundane tasks
  • Verified leads are updated – leading to an understanding of the True Cost Per Conversion (TCPC) / campaign / platform
  • Predictions about Customer about to churn, Customers with higher Lifetime Revenue, Leads with the Highest Probability to Convert – to help the team focus on the best leads
  • Cloud CRM – accessible through the browser, no software installation required, 99.9% uptime and SLA with enterprise grade security
Cloud CRM

Competition Mapping

Add competitive context to all your social metrics.

  • Your keyword rankings vs your competitors top keyword rankings – Paid and Organic enabling you to understand high intent keywords, negative keywords , local insights amongst others
  • Get insights on your competitors’ traffic and behavior
  • Insights on how influential your competitors’ social media messaging is
  • Insights on hashtag usage and engagement across platforms and competitors
Competition Mapping

Tracking your digital campaigns
and their business impact gets easier

Analyse live

Understand audience

Know customer's
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Get true cost
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