icogz Features

campaign analytics

Tracks all performance campaigns in one place, be it Google, Facebook or other affiliate networks. Multiple levels of interactivity have been built into the dashboard to give real-time insights that help in revamping workflow and lead funnel.


Analyses website traffic and provides in-depth insights about visitors and their behaviour. Apart from breaking down organic, direct and paid traffic, it also provides valuable insights related to gender, location, device, time spent on the website and more.

website tracking tools
social listening tools

Keeps track of audience behaviour on social media, slice and dice data based on age groups, gender, location and other metrics to gain valuable insights.


It allows monitoring of leads from various sources, assigning them to responsible executives and tracking it to the closure stage. It also offers multiple logins depending on the roles and responsibilities, allowing staff to access data only assigned to their team and customers. It also integrates marketing automation software like emails and SMS engines for easy & seamless communication.

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landing page testing

icogz monitors the performance of multiple landing pages. It gives real-time information on visitors, sources, location and leads which helps in making informed decisions to improvise ongoing digital campaigns.


Procures detailed reports of reach, user engagement and other metrics of all videos uploaded on YouTube and Facebook. Offers critical insights for future content pegs based on user interactions.

website visitor tracking tools

AryaBot is our built-in AI digital marketing assistant. The bot uses machine learning algorithms to scan millions of data points and provide you with insights and optimization suggestions. AryaBot provides pop-up notifications when it spots an opportunity to improve your digital marketing. Sometimes these are numerical insights that explain why an outcome of your marketing has changed. Other times they are questions to prompt new perspectives on strategy or to check that you haven’t missed out on an important planning step.