Evaluate your Marketing Mix Model

in an ever evolving world of

Consumer Behaviour

Get a comprehensive view of your brand’s business impact - including but not limited to your advertising strategies, campaigns, content strategies, digital footprint, sales impact, reputation impact and most importantly voice of customer all of this benchmarked to your key competitors.

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Examine your brand’s digital footprint in-depth to aid in instant identification of areas that require focus and immediate improvement for business growth.

Digital Footprint Audit

Get a holistic understanding of your brand’s digital footprint

  • Gain insights on brand’s digital performance – understand your brand’s social , performance scores and how you are placed vis-a-vis your competitors
  • Understand which campaigns or messaging is getting the best engagement – for you and your competitors
  • Get a creative review and recommendations from experts – basis your industry and competitors
Digital Footprint Audit

ROI on marketing spends

Understand the the relative efficacy and effectiveness of marketing and advertising investments helping you to determine the lift from various channels

  • Understand the true impact of each Marketing channel on overall Sales
  • Receive recommendations for your brand based not only on Primary data but also other variables such as macro-economic factors, seasonality, ad-stock, lag amongst others
  • Optimize channel allocation of your brand’s marketing spends

icogz Brand Matrix

Understand how your brand’s digital positioning compares to your competitors

  • Based on Engagement, Posting frequency, Followers – understand your competitors’ posting strategy and make corresponding changes to your strategy
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand
  • Get an accurate picture of the competitive performance landscape

icogz Competitor Analytics

Gain insights on competitors’ brand presence and campaigns across the digital landscape.

  • Understand which mediums your competitor is investing in and the resulting engagement
  • Identify outlier / paid content on each medium for your competition
  • Identify impact of Celebrity & Non Celebrity content / communication
ROI on marketing spends